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  Carpentry has always been a passion of mine.  Empowering others to change their physical surrounding with some simple tools and knowledge is my mission.  My website has some great DIY projects and information that you can use around your house and on your next weekend warrior project. If Read more

Smoke/CO2 Alarm Checkups

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Servicing your smoke alarm is a good practice to get into on a monthly basis to ensure it is working properly.  Check out this video that will teach you how to  regularly test and maintain your smoke alarm or CO2 alarm and if need be, replace it as well.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment so I can answer them.  Thanks for watching!




Installing carpet

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If you or a friend has a left over piece of carpet, don’t throw it away.  There are many different ways to reuse it and one of them is to install it in a small room that needs a little touch of design and comfort.  Check out this video showing how to measure, cut and install your carpeting.  A couple things to keep in mind here is that  I didn’t use a tack strip on the perimeter of the room to stretch and hold the carpet down because it was such a small room and using shoe trim at the edges held the carpeting down.  I didn’t install carpet padding either because I didn’t have it and people wouldn’t be walking barefoot on it.  If you do want to add padding, just lay it out before installing the carpeting.  You can cut it to fit against the edges of the wall with a utility knife and use a utility stapler to attach it to the existing flooring.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

How to remove a door properly

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If you are moving furniture, replacing floors or refinishing a door, it’s much easier to simply remove the door to give that little bit of extra working space.  This process is really easy and you don’t have to take the hinges off the door.  It’s as easy as removing the pins in the hinges and it will come right off.  Check out this video for a quick walk through on how its done.  Go to homemadesimple.com to find more DIY videos and info about the show.  Episodes are on every Saturday morning at 9am/8c on OWN



Live chat on Home Made Simple Facebook

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Thad Mills on Trading Spaces

I will be on Home Made Simple’s Facebook page, Thursday, May 23rd to answer all your carpentry and DIY questions.  If you have questions about the projects you have seen on the show and want to tackle them yourself, log on and ask me anything about them.  The chat will run for an hour starting at 6pm PST and last until 7pm.  Hope to hear from you, and if you don’t get a chance to ask a question during that time, you can always post them on my page here.  I will help you with any problem you are facing with your home renovation.

Here is a link to the Home Made Simple Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/homemadesimple

Tool of the Week – Level

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Whether you are hanging curtain rods, a picture, or framing a wall, a level is essential for getting it looking straight, both vertically and horizontally. There are many different sizes of levels that you can add to your weekend warrior tool kit, so read through the descriptions below and choose one that will help you out this weekend.



torpedo level

This is commonly referred to as a Torpedo level and is great for those small jobs that a larger level wouldn’t fit in, or would just be too big. I use this for putting up small shelves and pictures. When you are buying a level, look for a model that has a magnetic side to it and three little vials with the bubbles in it. One vial will be for finding “Plumb” (vertical), another for finding “Level” (horizontal), and the last one (at an angle) is for a 45 degree angle.



This level comes in 2 foot, 4 foot, and even longer. The only ones that will apply for the everyday fixes and weekend projects are the 2 and 4 foot. I personally have the 4 foot on me at all times because it can generally cover any project. The 4 foot level can also double as a straight edge if you need to connect a couple of marks on plywood for cutting. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $75 for a 4 foot level. I would suggest meeting it in the middle and spending around $30-$40 to get a good one.





When you are using a level you will see a small vial that is typically yellow with a little bubble in it. This bubble is what tells you whether you are plumb or level. As we discussed in the torpedo level, “Plumb” is when you are holding the level on a vertical surface up and down and “Level” is when you are holding the tool on a horizontal surface side to side. By adjusting the ends of the level you can move the bubble back and forth until it is perfectly in-between the two lines to know you are either plumb or level depending on what surface you are on.

Tool of the Week – Channel Locks

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Channel Locks are a fairly new tool to the scene and one of my favorites for plumbing applications.  Usually a crescent wrench is my go-to for plumbing but channel locks are more versatile and can be used on many other projects around the house that a crescent wrench might have a hard time with, like automotive applications.   Channel Locks come in many different sizes and can be adjusted with the grooved channels to increase or decrease the sized of the fastener it can grab.  These can be found at any hardware store and usually cost under $20.


If you are using Channel Locks for a finish surface that you don’t want to scratch, just wrap the teeth with some duct tape.

ducktape teeth

Home Made Simple Appliance Sweepstakes!!

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Huge announcement here!! During the month of April when you watch episodes of Home Made Simple on OWN, you can answer questions @ https://hmsplayandwin.com/ and if you answer them all correctly, you are entered for a chance to win new appliances from Whirlpool!!





Tool of the week – Utility knife

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There are many different kinds of utility knives in the world of home makeover and construction, but which one should you spend your money on?

imagesThe convenient thing about this utility knife is that it folds in half and turns into a pocket style knife.  It is easy to carry around and has a quick release on the front for changing out blades quickly and easily.  The back notch is great for cutting sheets of material like vinyl or linoleum.

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Installing Weather Stripping on Doors and Windows

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Whether it’s summer, winter or any other time of year, it’s always a good idea to add weather stripping to your doors and windows. You may not be aware of it but your heating and cooling systems could be working overtime to keep up where your doors and windows don’t seal completely. Check out this video I shot with Home Made Simple showing you the typical weather stripping and door sweeps that will help retain the temperatures you want. As a bonus, it could also save you money in the long run. In addition to keeping out the elements, weather stripping will also help reduce debris and insects from coming into your home. The materials are inexpensive and it’s a simple installation that you can do in a matter of minutes.

Go to www.homemadesimple.com for more videos that will guide you through ways to improve your home and help you with those weekend renovations. Please leave a comment or question if you have any about what type of weather stripping or door sweep would work best in your house.

Flooring DIY from Home Made Simple

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Last Saturday morning was one of my favorite episodes this season of Home Made Simple.  I loved all the carpentry projects that went into the kitchen and dining room renovation and I wanted to post the DIY on the flooring installation.  Check out this link that will give you all the materials and steps on what you need and how to install http://www.homemadesimple.com/en-us/homedecor/pages/diy-linoleum-flooring.aspx.  This installation was super simple, very cost effective and only took us about two hours to finish.   There was old linoleum sheet flooring down before, and over time it started to detach and break away from the sub-flooring.  Prepping the floor is one of the most important steps to take before laying the new floor down over it, so we removed the old linoleum with a scraper blade  and filled in major cracks with some patching cement to make sure we had a clean level surface.   You might hear “linoleum flooring” and turn away from it because of past materials that are out dated and don’t add any visual appeal to a room, but I can tell you first hand that this flooring looked great when it was all finished.  The panels had a little texture to it that simulated real wood grain. Given the price point and how easy and fast it was to install, I would definitely recommend you consider it along with your other flooring options for your next weekend warrior project.

Go to www.homemadesimple.com for more DIY projects and webisodes that will inspire and teach you great ways to refresh the look of your home.  Please post any questions or comments you have so I can respond to them. Thanks!